Whenever you want an affordable google Android tablet, there are always a large lists of fresh new or classic tablets on the market you can choose. I have known why an increasing number of people are searching the terms “ best Android tablets under 300 dollars or good cheap Android tablets under 200 dollars or tablets comparison chart” in Google.com, This is a crazy thing that almost every young people owns or will own a tablet they prefer,Samsung Tabs or any other brand tablet. And today I’m certainly prepared to get you put yourself into a purchasing mood by spilling my strategies concerning how to look for a best tablet on your price range.

Top Lists: Top Rated Google Android Tablets Of 2016

It is wise for you to compare tablets, especially those good cheap tables on the market, the following tablets comparison chart may be give you a final answer of your best cheap tablet of 2016

NeuTab 10.1 inches Quad Core Tablet Review

Top Ten Best Google Android Tablets Under 500 Of 2016This NeuTab google Android  tablet feature a stable Quad Core CPU. They combine GPS, Android 5.1 and more things. This kind of tablet gives you a smooth experience whenever you play games or watch movies or read books. Our NeuTab tablets are worth trusting. In addition, the tablets not only have an excellent quality, but an incredible low price.


  • Low Price: As other tablets sell for 200 dollars, NeuTab tablets sell fewer than 100 dollars.
  • Certified Black: The black devices are attractive to most people.
  • 1 Year US Warranty: This is our promise that you are guaranteed.
  • Others: smooth version, high pixels, large storage


  • Key travel feels short.

What the Current Owners Say

So far, so good. I am pleased with my NeuTab device. It really heats up very quicky, but meanwhile it has been quite hot outside. This is a Mini gaming tablet, I downloaded so many apps from Google Play, and I enjoy them when I am free.

Bottom Line

This NeuTab google Android  tablet is so cheap that most customers suspect the quality. But it does run well no matter what you do. You can play your games smoothly and happily. You can have a call with you friends by using it. Also, you can just listen to the music, or read some novels. All in all , it’s good for you.

Best Google Android Tablets- our recommendation

#1 10 Inch Google Android Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 inch Tablet

Basic Specs

Google Android TabletsFirst, let’s take a look some specs that going into this #1 best sellers on Amazon.

16 GB hard drive/ Android Marshmallow/1.6 GHz Exynos 7870 Octa-Core Processor/ 1920×1200 resolution/ 8 hours Average Battery Life/ 1.2 pounds/ 10 x 6.1 x 0.3 inches

what current owners say this 10 inch tablet

When purchasing this google Android  tablet pc, take this into account; this really is fresh but nevertheless old. Since August 12TH, 2016, (approaching 3 months right now), I have been completely taking pleasure in this particular Tab e 10.1 WiFi tablet. Because I am a techie, I examined this specific tablet pc completely and that I have discovered that it is outstanding for my daily basic pc functions both at home and on the highway. And it’s also much simpler to take a trip with compared to my weighty notebook. All in one,A 5 star completely, it is the perfect item I ever purchase, and that I will reommend it to any of you who would like a tablet.

Any  complainant?

Yes, there are some folks who complained about this Samsung Galaxy Tab e 10 inch Tablet,you can click here to take a look at in details

Samsung Galaxy Tab E (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)

BEST Google Android TabletsThere are quantity of folks who purchased the Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet, at the same time, there are great number of folks who are planning to buy this Samsung Galaxy Tab E 10-Inch tablet. Compared with 7 inch display screen, 10 inch display screen is more comfortable when viewing a HD movies, however, you will pay more dollars for it. The decisions of choosing which one is really depends on you.

#2 Best 7 Inch Google Android Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 Inch Tablet

Best 7 Inch Google Android TabletsIt is cool to keep yourself on the road with this Samsung Galaxy Tab A and entertained at home. This Samsung Galaxy Tab A google Android  tablet has an elegant design and tough build-quality, and it only has 12 ounces body weight and a vivid 7 inches touch screen display so that you can have a convenient and easy use experience. Additionally the Android 5.1,Features, which is powered by a WXGA T-shark 2A Quad 1.3 GHz PROCESSOR, can ,allow you accomplish maximum utilization across numerous challenging apps.

  • Screen Size       7 inches
  • Screen Resolution   1280 x 800 pixels
  • Processor         1.3 GHz
  • Hard Drive        8 GB
  • RAM         1.5 GB DDR2
  • Numbe Wireless Type      802.11bgn
  • numberr of USB 2.0 Ports    1
  • Average Battery Life (in hours)        8 hours

What others saying this Samsung Galaxy Tab A

As a classical product from Samsung, this Samsung Galaxy Tab A is fast,slick, and value. Although there are several tablets at or below this price, they’re really low end devices having sluggish Processor chips, weak displays and poor battery life.

Yes ,your wait is over If you have been waiting for a 7 inches best tablet under 200 dollars. This Samsung Galaxy Tab A may be your best choice.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7 Inch Google Tablet

Google Android TabletsThis Samsung galaxy google Android  tablet is considered be as one of the most classical products in the tablet history. So it is not surprising that there are an increasing number of folks purchasing this good cheap tablet. It is really cool to keep yourself entertained at home and on the road with this amazing TAB, which features Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS and 1.2 GHz quad-core processor. Additionally, you can purchase one online, and you can get free shipping fees on mazon.com and huge numbers of customer reviews

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 4G LTE (Verizon)

Please keep this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 4G LTE one of the top ten best Android Tablets Under 200 dollars. If you would like 4G LTE style instead of WIFI style, Just believe your choice

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (64GB)

As a sexy and famous tablet brand, the blackberry released this blackberry playbook 7-inch tablet to help any of you to transform the way you work and play by combining the powerful features , elegant design ,and high build quality you need. Are you a blackberry fan? So enjoy uncompromised web browsing, brilliant multimedia playback and true multitasking with this sexy Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet. Need more customer reviews on this tablet from Amazon?you can click here.

8 Inch Google android tablets/

There are always some folk talking about what’s a good cheap tablet, yes, we really need some useful top rated tablet buying guide. We should make clear what we should need and what we can get from a tablet for no more than 200 Dollars, the performance levels. the build quality or design, as well as the price discount. I will tell you how to select a good cheap android tablet

Buy Top Rated Android Tablet for under 300 dollars- My recommendation

In the event you wish to purchase the Best TABLET under 300 dollars, It is my opinion you should think about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch Tablet

Google Android Tablets Buying Tips

What to look for when buying a tablet

Finding a best budget android tablet seems not to be an easy work. The biggest problem is to know what you need in the tablet and do research on the current Android tablet on the market, Of course you can buy one depend your need and interest. To get more information about the biggest problem, The following will focus on the tips when choosing the good value android tablet

  • Tablet size: generally including 10 inches tablet and 7 inches tablet, also called full-sized tablet and half-sized tablet.
  • Screen: Tablet display screen is vital for your entertainment experience. Nowdays, 1024 x 600 pixels and 1024 x 768 pixels screen resolution are usually found in 7 inches and 10 inches tablet.
  • Battery life: battery life can be regard as one of the most important features when choosing a tablet, generally you can get 8-10 hours use time.
  • Build quality & design: most of us are fond of elegant and high build-quality tablet, such as Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Performance( operating system/processor/RAM): this feature determines your tablet’s operating speed and efficiency
  • Sensors and operating system: if you have high requirement with touch screen reaction speed,you should consider sensors and operating system about

Why Choose A Google Android tablet

Android tablet pc is regarded as the most out of stock tablet due to quite a few good reasons, such as longer battery life, increased memory, HD screen resolution, amazing sofetware, lower price and so on. All these revolution coming the computer business, make the android tablet pc computer become one of the most favourite personal computer.

You can utilize it as an option to apple ipad, which is considerably expensive. Yes, the android tablet pc is not just a Personal computer and yet a precise multi-tasking device so that you can explore so big word. When it comes to the fundamental deeds, the android tablet pc provides the most amazing functions fitting your wants and requirements. It is so cool that you can cost less than 200 dollars for a considerable tablets.

Additionally, Compare to the normal computer pc, the Goole Android tablet pc owns the fresh handy mobile computer technology with touch screen, therefore these tablet pc are gaining an increasing numbers of individuals’ favor. Yes ,you can spend no more than 200 dollars on a powerful Google android tablet pc. however, there are numerous type of tablet computer for sale in market supporting diverse system such as My Tab,Mystic Tab, My Tab with Calling Function, 3D WONDER and so on, so there is an obvious problem, that is what is the best Google Android Tablets under 200 dollars now.