Best Kindle Fire Tablet Under 500 Dollars (Top 5 Reviewed)

As you are walking in a Business Class, you should take care of how much people who often travel around are using the Kindle Fire display. This product made by Amazon has been be so popular among businessmen, students, office workers, families and anyone who like reading, listening, watching or improving, as it was just published. Maybe you have known its outstanding performance and Multiple-functions from your friends or people around, which interests you to get one Best Kindle Fire Tablet Under 500 Dollars.

However, with the development of Kindle displays, there are a variety of types in different price, with different characteristic. such as Best Kindle Fire Tablet Under 500 Dollars and so on,As the most expensive may not be the most suitable, then which one is the best Kindle Display for you? And where to find Kindle Fire Best Price?

Well, through seriously collecting and comparing all-around information of all kinds of Kindle for one weeks, we found the following best Kindle Display with best price.

Best Kindle Fire Tablet Under 500 Dollars Comparison Chart At Glance


Reviews:Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet—Best Kindle Display Around 100

The CNET commented that the Fire HD 8 Tablet is the best bang for the buck. In most customer reviews, this product has even been called the best tablet under 100 dollars. In fact, the success of Fire HD 8 Tablet is tightly associated with its advanced features, like Powerful quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz, smart 8″ HD display with 1280×800 resolution,Single-band Wi-Fi, 2 MP rear-facing camera and Front-facing VGA camera, up to 16 or 32 GB Free cloud storage from Amazon content, Mono speaker, Built-in microphone and 8 hours mixed use. It’s really hard to imagine that other tablets under 100 dollars can own such amazing functions.

Highlights On Kindle Fire HD 8

  1. Easily capture life’s moments with Rear-facing camera, Front-facing camera, Free, unlimited cloud storage and beautifully designed photo app to edit and share photos..
  2. Great for the whole family with Unique profiles, shared content, Revolutionary parental controls, and over 5,000 kid-friendly titles. And Fire HD Kids Edition also available, too.
  3. Immediate video start with ASAP,X-Ray for music, movies, and TV,Prime Instant Video downloads, Watch on the big screen.
  4. Valuable Amazon prime like borrowing great books for free,Prime Music to over a million songs and plenty of custom-built playlists, Instant Video downloads.

What cons you may care about?

Camera quality isn’t good enough and no flash

What Current Owners Said

For the low price, this tablet truly does more than expected!
The Fire HD 8, particularly, is a marvel for its price, size,and speed.” – Venture Beat

Cost performance

Where to buy kindle fire HD 8 ?Right now, it is priced only 99 dollars and free shipping on As for anyone who has a tight budget but want multi-function tablet, this one is the best tablet under 100 dollars i know.

Where can you buy Kindle Fire HD 6?

Reviews:Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Best affordable Kindle Display

Kindle Paperwhite

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This Kindle has more advantages than above one but only cost more 20 dollars. If you buy once, you can read everywhere. This Kindle Paperwhite E-reader features Amazon’s 6″ Paperwhite display with advanced Carta e-paper technology which is better for your eyes than LCD and built-in light, 300 ppi, 16-level gray scale and optimized font technology. On the foundation of Fire HD 6 Tablet, it add  Wi-Fi + free 3G enabling you to download books anywhere, anytime. And battery lasting weeks on a single charge can reduce your trouble having to battery charging often. If you want a powerful book reading machine to meet your business and entertainment needs, i believe the users of Kindle will recommend this.

Highlights On Kindle Paperwhite

  1. Customize to your language,Never lose a book,Read books in other languages,Carry and read personal documents, and WebKit-based browser.
  2.  Built-in free 3G connectivity applies the same wireless signals cell phones use, but without monthly fees or commitments— because Amazon pays for you.
  3. Help families get more association with their children’s reading and boost their emerging interest in books.
  4. Get books in seconds,Borrow from your public library,Connect free at AT&T hotspots,Find a new favorite with Goodreads.

What cons you may care about?

Additional charges need wireless delivery of periodical subscriptions as U.S. customers traveling abroad.

What Current Owners Said

More evolutionary than revolutionary, but worth the upgrade.

Cost performance

It cost a little more than 100 dollars on, but still quite affordable considering its connect wirelessly.

Where Can I buy Kindle Fire HDX 7?

Reviews:Kindle Fire 7 HDX Tablet-under 200 dollars

Kindle Fire Tablet Under 500 Dollars

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As for the kindle fire display under 200 dollars, i’d like to recommend Kindle Fire HDX 7″ for you. This tablet is designed for someone who is looking for Exclusive 7″ HDX display (1920×1200), perfect color accuracy (100% sRGB) for vivid, Ultra-fast 2.2GHz quad-core processor,Up to 11 hours of battery life, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO+HT40),  powerful Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM,4G Connectivity and son on.  If you want to experience go beyond HD, revolutionary on-device tech support, photo&video sharing and ultra-fast wireless, this Kindle will give you a big surprise.

Highlights on Kindle Fire HDX 7

  1. Perfect for play or work, with an ultra-fast processor, world-class Dolby audio, the latest graphics engine and a highly portable form factor.
  2. Great color accuracy, exceptional pixel density, reduced glare, and improved brightness.
  3. Enjoy lightning-fast connection speeds whether with a Wi-Fi network or latest 4G LTE wireless from Verizon or AT&T.

What cons you may care about?

The inability to use Google play for this is a version of android.

What Current Owners Said

For those looking at purchasing a best tablet out there, this is the one you ought to be looking at.

Fire HD 8 Inch Tablet


  • Fire HD 7 has a 1280×800 high definition with over one million pixels.7 inch HD display is beautiful with a brighter display for whiter whites and vibrant colors.
  • It has free and unlimited cloud storage.You cannot worry about storage space any more.You can get free and unlimited storage for all photos.
  • It is designed unique profiles for different family member.So all family members can share the same tablet with profiles but still keep highly personalized settings.
  • It uses firefly technology for movie,musics,and TV.


  • The screen is fragile.I just used it for a little time before the screen was shattered.
  • It locks up after a little using time.I have to spend more time turning the tablet on.

What Current owners say this 7 inch fire tablet

It is an inexpensive tablet which can be taken to school.

I bought it for my son.It is an inexpensive tablet which can be taken to school.He can take notes,read books and use the calendar function at this affordable price.

It is a little difficult to use.

This book will freeze at different times.When I want to turn it on,it could come up with a blank screen.Then I have to push on and off several times,only in this way I can start my task.
They held up very well all the time.
I liked both of my Kindles,and I have to say that they held up very well all the time.I had no any issues with the two little kids.And after buying some tablets I found improvements.

Cost performance

Comparing with above two, it cost a little more. But when you experience it or just watch what it can take for you, you’ll know it is worthy of the money.

If you want your tablet has more performance than reading, the post—-Best Tablet Under 400 would make you satisfied.