Best Cheap Tablets Under 100:Top 5 Of 2017

What kind of tablets you can get for under $100? I guess that you have not get a clear idea. If you do not plan to consider about other tablet with price ranging $200 to $500, then this is also a good decision no matter what you can use this kind of tablet for. And now there seems not so many options you can choose, but do not stop reading here.  You are still have a chance to find a good value tablet for you entertainment for no more than 100 dollars although what you can get is not amazing as those tablet such as IPAD and so on. Here, I will show you what I found in the past three days, best cheap tablets under 100 dollars, top ten ranking comparison report.

I round-up the good cheap tablets under 100 dollars on and compare step by step to find the real range of tablets marketing in 2017, no matter what you like, 7 inch tablets or 10 inch tablets, Android tablets or windows tablets or Ipad, no matter what you care for,sale price or list price, customer rating or reviews, product details or spec. You can get all what you want by checking out the following  top ten best tablets under 100 comparison chart.

Best Tablets Under 100: Top 10 Of 2017

NOTE: This most popular tablets comparison chart is frequently updated . You are finding the best tablet available on the market to help you make your buying decision

To get the information in the above chart, I checked out the tablet for no more than $100 one by one , and compared their features,read customer reviews, and considered their cost performance,finally get top ten most popular tablets around $100. There might be more full-featured tablets, but you will spend more $100-$200 on them. Compare the details and click through to read more details and customer reviews

Best Cheap Tablets Under 100 dollars I Recommend

All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet Reviews

Best Cheap Tablets Under 100Recently the tablets have fallen on hard times for the competition among the companies and falling sales. Otherwise, the customers still have a number of reasons to think about purchasing the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet,equipped with high version iOS 9, the newest Windows 10 and Android system, is the best you can choose. All kinds of sizes are available. You just need to choose which fits you best.


  • Fast and responsive:3 GHz quad-core processor which can run your tablet fast.
  • Beautiful HD display: 1280×800 high-definition providers our customers a wonderful version experience.
  • Capture life’s moments: this cheap tablet under 100 dollars owns a rear-facing camera, and the front-facing camera is suitable for calls with family and friends.
  • Others: adjustable size, perfect designed and so on.


  • You need battery.

What Current Owners Say:

We are major technological users. We use multiple tablets form Samsung, Apple, and Asus and so forth. This fire tablet is full of comparison in a different way. But as a prime member, this budget tablet is incredibly valuable. Screen looks fantastic, and colors are beautiful.

Bottom Line

The specs are almost the same as Samsung while the price is half of it. Its solid perfect quality entertains you when you are playing games, calling with your friends, and even working everywhere. Every modern people deserve it.

Best Tablets Under 100 Dollars-Top 5 Reviewed

Nowadays, tablets are certainly more prevalent and cheaper than ever with technological advancements. If you are in low budget, you can also buy an amazing tablet. You will see the 5 best tablet under 100 in the next couple of sections.

Fire HD 6 Tablet under 100 dollars

Best Tablet Under 1000Fast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz

The processor is made up of two high-performance 1.5GHz cores and another two 1.2GHz cores for dynamic load balancing and saving power. With 2x speed and over 3x the graphics processing of previous generation, Fire HD provide you with smooth games, quicker apps, smooth videos and better experience.

Beautiful 6″ HD display

Vivid HD display (252 PPI/ 1280×800) with near a million pixels—perfect for movies, games, photos, and more. The brighter display make you enjoy a great viewing experience through an innovative combination of advanced polarizing filter and in-plane switching technology.

Designed for portability 

Fire HD 6 has a thinner bezel, a smaller profile, and lighter weight than the previous generation Fire HD products. There is equally no doubt that the Fire HD6 is the greatest pocket-sized tablet in a series of Fire HD. And because this Fire HD greatly enhances the convenience and flexibility, it is easily to be carry to anywhere.

Customer Reviews

This tablet really meets my needs. It runs quietly and smoothly in high speed and most importantly, the price is $99 on amazon! Although its storage isn’t big amng the tablets, I should say it’s really great and suits my needs.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Tablet Under 100 Dollars

Tablet Under 100Performance

The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has a high-performance1.2 GHz dual-core processor which runs simultaneously for power efficiency and optimal load balancing! And because of this you can play games, browse the web, and enjoy social networking for nearly nine hours without recharging. That means Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite offers nine hours of battery life per charge.


Before I continue, let me tell you up front: this Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished. But you don’t need to worry about the quality. As is known to all, Samsung is a large enterprise with perfect after-sales service system.


The Galaxy Tab 3 Lite has a small body and light weight. That mean it is easy to carry with you no matter where you go. It is very clean and looks like a new one so you really can’t tell the machine is refurbished!

Customer Reviews

I bought it because I want to enjoy myself and make some work. It is really amazing and extremely comparable to my apple IPad mini. I enjoy it so much!

Dragon Touch tablet under 100 dollars

Brilliant Performance

10 inch tablet under 100Featuring the robust Octa-Core CPU — 8X Cortex A7 processor, This Dragon Touch can run everything smoothly.What’s more? It is equipped with an Octa-Core high-speed PowerVR SGX544 GPU, Now, just enjoy yourself to an impressive smooth 2D/3D gaming and stream videos experience. With the brilliant performance, you don’t need to worry about the battery life. Dragon Touch has advanced core power-saving technology that can guarantee extra-long battery life. So enjoy yourself!

Newest  Android 5.1 Lollipop

Dragon Touch has installed the newly released system for faster multitasking. With the newly system, Dragon Touch has optimizes user interface which lets user have a more convenient experience. We can run more software and use more functions.


◎Google Android 5.1

◎16 GB storage,1GB RAM

◎Bluetooth: 4.0

◎Octa-Core CPU — 8X Cortex A7

10.6 Inch Tablet Brilliant IPS Display

Customer Reviews

This A1X is amazing! This tablet worked very well. I can do all the things that I want to do on the tablet. Dragon Touch is the best tablet for my buck.

 Chromo Inc.® 7″ -Tab PC Tablet under 100 Dollars

best tablet under 100 dollarsRANKING #3  Chromo Inc.® 7″ -Tab PC As the most popular tablet under$100, this  Chromo Inc.® 7″ -Tab PC is going to tell you that you can spend about $50 on a tablet featuring x15 Duel Core CPU,  512MB RAM,4GB memory and so on.From its’ first release in 2012, It has currently got about 1014 customer reviews on, Most of them think that they are very pleased with this Tablet for the price. Lets’ take a look at what current owners said


  • It is slim so that you can easily carry it here and there.
  • It has Wi-Fi,Webcam ,camera,and three different accessory cords for the outlets.
  • It only cost about $60 on, the most affordable and best cheap tablets on the market.


  • The battery seems not powerful when compared to Ipad

Final Words

Those are the three best tablets under 100 dollars. I think there must exist one that suits you.