Best Cheap Ipad Under 500 Dollars:All Versions Compared

It is all about Ipad, This Apple’s  category-defining item is still the leading of this category. Supposing that you have done some research on those tablets under 500 dollars, you might have found that  your first option should be ipad if your intrest is just finding a best over performance and powerful apps,yes, it owns an awesome system supporting access to huge lists of APPS, games,videos and music, making any of you poosible work and play anywhere. However, there still a lot of questions you should consider about before picking up an Ipad. Not all ipad is fair, this Best Cheap Ipad Under 500 Dollars comparison report is currently the way to go before you plop down cash for an IPAD

Best rated Apple Ipad Tablet Of 2016:Top lists

Compare all the version on this comparison chart:Imagine what would happen if you go to and search for ” best cheap ipad” ” best affordable refurbished ipad”, “good value used ipad” you are interesting in buying? You could really get what you are  excited about:This is what this strategy is all about, just go to to compare all the version, the new, the refurbished, the used and so on.

 What’s better than an ipad, it is a best cheap ipad.

It is attractive for you to knock off a few hard-earned dollars off the price of the ipad。There are several ways you can get an Ipad with fewer money

 Go with the last generation

Going with the last generation seems the easiest way to save dollars, Instead of the new version of IPAD, you can get almost the same features as the fresh version, and

 Go with the refurbished version

Another easy way is to buy a refurbished vesion, it is pretty good for you to get a nice refurbished item for around $50-$200 off the original price.

 Go with the used version

A lists of used units are for sale on, and other retailers . You can see the details about Ipad- its current condition, its  sale price, its sellers’s  satisfaction’s rating and so on yes, this is another trick for you to spend less dollars on an ipad.

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This Apple iPad Air 2, set up with iOS 8, high resolution and 19.7-inch retina display, entirely satisfies your needs. iPad Air 2 has a at least 16 GB RAM. So it is no problem to download your favorite movie or music or other things.


  • Large RAM: iPad Air 2 is set up with a large storage to entertain you.
  • High Definition Camera: There are two cameras. One is 8 MP iSight camera; the other is FaceTime HD camera.
  • Up to 10 Hours Power: This iPad Air 2 solves the problem that normal tablets’ battery life are too short.
  • Other: Apple Pay, Wi-Fi model, low price


  • It’s unlocked.

What the Current Owners Say

I cannot wait to upgrade to this iPad Air 2. My old iPad is the iPad 2nd generation. So it’s a leap for me to buy this iPad Air 2. One of its best attractors is TouchID. It’s amazing! It’s a mixture of usability and security.

Bottom Line

More and more people use tablets for editing and working on the Internet, and more and more people choose iPad to get these things. Since iPad has update so many generation, the iPad Air 2 will be the best up to now.

 Best Cheap Ipad Under 500 Dollars-Which Ipad Is Best For You, Read Reviews

Apple iPad Air 2 Tablet Under 500 Dollars

Now there are several different kinds of iPads with two different sizes.However,the choice of mobile tablet is the choice of three different storage.It isn’t hard for you to narrow your choices.How you will use the iPad will decide which iPad you will choose. The iPad Air 2 will be the best iPad available.It has the best graphics and the fastest processor.The back-facing camera has upgraded to 8 MP.This is the most important upgrade from the iPad 2 to the iPad 3.Besides the camera,the touch ID is a nice addition.Come to feel more about the iPad Air 2 and get your great tablet.


  • As for the weight,the iPad Air 2 is much thinner and a bit lighter.As it is thinner,the colors is much better to my eyes.
  • It is a perfect video device,which are clearer than others.And its colors are more realistic and deeper.
  • The holes for the camera and the stereo speakers have been changed.And now they are both larger.The listeners can receive louder sound.And the camera also can not affect your normal work.
  • On the side the slide switch of the tablet is gone now.


  • The best of it,I can say it is handy.But I prefer my laptop.
  • The new system can’t be turned off .

What Current Owners say this

It is lightweight and Fast.

It is lightweight and Fast.I prefer the smaller cable and charger.Screen looks amazing and actually big.

I’m glad this is the second iPad of mine so far.

I’m glad this is the second iPad of mine so far.It takes your time to learn about how to use it effectively.The Apple product appears to be reputed the one can maintain high quality level.

This is my best and first tablet.

This is my best and first tablet.Its battery has long life,which is the most important part I think.Because I travel a lot,I really need a tablet so that I needn’t charge it every day.If you are searching long battery life,it is the best.


 iPad mini-Find budget or Find best

some times, the best is just not the budget. If you are fond of 7 inch tablet, then you have a chance to find a cheapest way to enter the ipad world, yes, it is to consider the Apple Ipad mini,which is just perfect for those people seeking for a portable device, just as one customer said-” you have a lists of reason to get an Ipad, the truth is that Apple have been really good at what you can do with it,and the same thing goes for the Ipad mini

 let’s take a look at the good and the bad

 the good

  •  it is very small and light, slim enough for you to work and play anywhere.
  • The battery life is amazing enough for any of you to work and play

 the bad

  • It is slower at buffering video than IPAD 2

 Ipad air UNDER 500 dollars

The ipad air, as the latest generation Ipad, is much slimer \ lighter \faster than the previous versions, designed for folks who imagine it would be and a lot more.  This is what this fresh ipad is all about, you are going to hold it for a long time, you are going to make it easier to hold, you are going to use it for more awesome pleasure, some folk say that it is the best tablet computer ever.

 Let’s take a look at its good and bad

 the good

  •  It is light and slim, easy to use.
  • Longer lasting power,much more faster.
  • beautifully built, Great performance.

 the bad

  •  It is little expensive.