Best Budget 8 Inch Tablets Of 2016 (Top 5 Reviewed)

All-New Fire HD 8 inch Tablet Review

You will need this 8 inch tablet. This 8″ tablet is as valuable quantity as Apple, Samsung and so forth but the price is much dearer. You will find iOS 9, Android and Windows 10 system are all in this kind of tablet. In addition, it offers higher version. You don’t need to worry if you are not taken good with its camera. No matter you play games, work, or just listen to the music, it is not a bad choice.


  • Price: you can download TV episodes and movies for offline viewing – without extra cost.
  • Play: over 300,000 apps set in it. You can choose whatever you like to play, everywhere.
  • Automatic Service: your tasks will be easier with the help of Alexa. You just say to her, and she will answer what you want.
  • Other: Encyclopedic components you can read, thinner designed, and different colors


The battery can offer you a 12-hour power.

What the Current Owners Say

It’s dear and 32GB internal storage answers me. I enjoy listening to the music when I am free. Thanks to its large storage, I can listen to my favorite music freely. From now and then, I will check my email and documents on it. It’s convenient.

Bottom Lines

If you dislike the size of the computer or the small storage of the smartphone, buying a 8 inch tablet is your best choice. All-New tablets offers a best quality but lowest price. Just take it easy to buy this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Inch Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Sm-T350NZAAXAR is designed with 8 inch display,1.5GHz cpu, Android 5.0 Lollipop and 16GB RAM. This Samsung Galaxy device is easier than ever. It owns a quick connect. You can share your documents, music or other things with your smartphone or your computer. It’s convenient. Samsung Galaxy also enables you to open two apps at the same moment. Keep it with you if you want high efficiency.


  • Multitasking Tools: With this advanced multitasking tools, you can deal with your personal things faster.
  • Kids Mode: Kids mode set parents’ mind at rest. It offers kids a safe environment to play games or do other things.
  • Easy Connect: Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a unique system to simplify the connecting way.
  • Others: high efficiency, high definition camera, security guaranteed.


  • It does not support all applications

What the Current Owners Say

As a Professional Graphic Designer, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 inch tablet’s screen is fine. It’s perfect for those who want to read books, watch movies. If you always deal with a lot of heavy work, maybe it is not the best choice. But to be honest, who will do a lot of professional work on a tablet? Anyway, I think this Samsung Galaxy is good.

Bottom Line

Samsung Galaxy is designed for most of the people. It doesn’t mean it is the best to do heavy work. It’s just a better way for our people to entertain and to relax ourselves.

Apple iPad mini 2 Me276LL/A 8 Inch tablet Review

This iPad mini 2 8 inch tablet is designed with a silver finish. The Retina Display makes the first appearance of iPad mimi stunning. It maintains its previous enormous high native resolution. Meanwhile, it is improved the pixels. Now it is a perfect tablet to watch movies or to read books. You can also take advantage of all the multi-touch attitude of iOS7.


  • Small form factor: Its smaller form factor enables it easier to handle in one hand.
  • Max Screen Resolution: It owns 1536 pixels that gives you smooth version
  • Low Price: Although it is improved the version, the price isn’t increased a lot.
  • Others: large storage, ultra long power, high quality


  • Even though it is small, it weighs more.

What the Current Owners Say

I feel the smaller size will be better, so I select this Apple iPad mini 2 8 inch tablet. With the retina display, the tablet’s quality must be excellent. The overall performance is also fantastic. There needs no more word.

Bottom Line:

Apple iPad mini 2 tablet’s remarkable feature is its small and its high qualified display. I think most people choose this iPad mini 2 as a result of its Apple brand and its high pixels. It does not mean the other feature is not good. I deem every customer will feel it valuable.