Best Affordable Tablet Under 50 Dollars Of 2017

It’s not the first time for me to do this kind of job when I have to list several products which are affordable. But it’s the first time that I need to list those good value tablets under 50 dollars. Usually, it takes a lot of money to buy a tablet, but not in this case. Choosing a tab under 50 dollars is quite brave. With this price, you can get an entry level tab. But it may be good or bad to use. So this passage is useful for you. If you read carefully our passage, I think you can get a tablet with high cost performance. In this passage, I will list three products for you and you will see the features and disadvantages of products. Now, please pay attention to this passage “Best Affordable Tablet Under 50 Dollars”, let’s choose the best tablet under 50 together.

Best Tablet Under 50 Dollars In 2017-Comparison Chart At Glance


Top Three Tablets Under 50 Dollars For The Money

Chromo Inc® 7″ Tablet

When we talk about the best affordable tab less than 50 dollars, this product must be mentioned. It’s of high quality and it’s really cheap to buy. It ranks highly on the list of best-sellers.

Key Features & Highlights

First of all, equipped with the 4GB of internal memory which is also possible to be expandable up to 32GB is quite enough for a good tab. You can store some documents and photos on it and also install those useful apps. As for the apps, this tap is preloaded some good apps such as Skype, Netflix, Google Play and so on. Secondly, the operating system is Android 4.1 which is easy and smooth to use. It’s as easy as an Android phone. Besides, the Front Facing Camera is also convenient to use. Last but not least, a 7 inches screen is moderate. It won’t be hard to carry with but it can also satisfy your demands of a good screen.

Cons And Pros

This product is full of advantages. Firstly, it can hold a SD card which allows you to enlarge the memory. Secondly, when you get it, the tab is already loaded with the Google Play and if you want to download some apps, you can download from the app store directly. Finally, it’s quite worthy to buy and it runs well. You can carry it wherever you want.

However, it has also some disadvantages. The quality of camera is not good. What’s more, sometimes, the tab responds slowly.

Customer Reviews

Now let’s look at some reviews of users. After using it for a few months, most of the customers find it worth to buy. With only 48 dollars, you can get a high cost performance product, isn’t a budget? It’s light and cute. What’s more, it’s quite easy and convenient for adolescents and kids.

Dragon Touch® 7” Dual Core tablet for under 50

Now let’s take a look at this product, which I think is cooler than the former. It sells well but sometimes people have some critiques on it. However, it’s well-equipped and you’d better know about it first.

Key Features & Highlights

It has some features which are fascinating. Firstly, it is equipped with the newest powerful Dual Core CPU which ensures the best performance. Compared to others tab, this tab also has a Quad Core Mali-400 GPU which helps you enjoy yourself while you’re watching videos. Secondly, the Android 4.3 is advanced and smart to use. Thirdly, as for its screen, the Multi-Touch HD Screen is quite good to use. It can show the best images for you. Last but not least, it has Live customer service which can help you when there is something wrong with your tab.

Cons And Pros

This tab is of high quality, for example, the dual core ensures the high speed. What’s more, it performs well among those cheap tabs, especially its high quality screen. You can also use so many preloaded apps which are sometimes expensive to pay. But every coin has two sides. Many customers criticize on its battery life. It seems that even after charging, it can only last for 2 or 3 hours.

Customer Reviews

However, after checking the list of best-sellers, I find that it sells really well, even if it doesn’t get a high score. It means that users think highly of its cost performance but it also has some disadvantages as we have mentioned before. If you want to get an entry level tablet under 50 dollars, you can consider about it.

ProntoTec 7″ KitKat Tablet

Compared to the former, this one gets better scores. That’s what makes me consider it to you. It cost only 45 dollars but performs not bad as well. If you want to know more about it, take a look at it.

Key Features & Highlights

As for the CPU, the Cortex A8 Dual Core performs fast and with its help, the speed of reaction will be good. Equipped with the 512MB DDR3 RAM, it can also be expanded up to 32G with a TF card. What’s more, the 7-Inch 5-Point Touch Screen shows better images. You can enjoy the movies and pictures with it. As for the battery, the 2800mAh Lithium Battery can last for 3 hours. The operating system is Android 4.4 KitKat, but it’s also loaded with many useful apps. In a word, it’s quite a good product according to the product review.

Cons And Pros

Now let’s check out its advantages. This product is well-built and the quality is not bad. It’s easy to use and the images show good. So it’s a good gift for kids to play some basic games or watch some videos. But it’s not perfect. Some people think poorly of its battery. Sometimes, it only lasts for one hour. I have also seen one of the critiques says that the USB can’t match with the PC.

Customer Reviews

After reading that, you can find it’s a good entry level tab which is cheap. If you are looking for a birthday gift for a kid, it must be a good choice. It sells well on Amazon, and it also gets moderate scores.


After taking a glance at these 3 products, you will find that they are of the same level. But if you want to get a product with the highest cost performance, I would recommend you the Chromo Inc® 7″ Tablet. This product may not be the cheapest, but it receives good reputation among customers. It performs well and even though there are some problems, it’s still not bad to buy. If you buy it on Amazon, you will get a discount and it only cost 48 dollars. I hope this passage can help you to choose the best affordable tablet under 50.